BX310X BT SPP service cannot transfer 0x00 binary data

Firmware version : BX3105.2.6.3

When I am using the classic BT SPP service data mode, each time when the binary data (0x00) is transferred, the module will recognize it as end of transmission and stop transferring.

The process is listing below:

  1. enable the BT module, start pairing and enable SPP connection, this is working good.
  2. Input AT+SRSPPSTART = 1 , will start data mode, working good.
  3. start transmitting. When Transmitting any binary data other than 0x00, it’s working good. But when it meets 0x00, it will stop transmitting.

e.x. : Desired transmit data : 55 AA 00 EE FF
What observed from output: 55 AA

Any possible ways to solve it or it’s just a bug? Thank you.

this should be fixed in FW 2.7.3, you can have a try on that

Thank you, after updating FW to 2.7.3 this issue is solved.