Serial bluetooth error

Hello all.

I am developing a product with serial port protocol (SPP) running on bluetooth classic, sending hex data.
It’s working pretty good. However, when I send special characters from ascii table, I am receivint it incorrectly, like images bellow.

On the last line of the first product you can see the data that I am sending. The first data are right. However, tha last byte is being received splited, as you can see in the second image, bytes 23 and 24 in my buffer.

Could it be an issue of the APP that I am using to send the data, or somethin is wrong with BX310X configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @marcos1

If I’m not wrong, you send data from Phone’s application to BX310x device. So, have you enable SPP data mode (+SRSPPSTART) on device to send data?

Can you clarify about the “APP”, that its mean “SPP”?

Which FW is the BX310x device using? If its not latest FW, upgrading the device to latest FW,
check again and share your result.


Hello, thanks for answering me.

Yes, I am sending data from Phone’s application,. BTW, APP means application (not SPP).

The firmware’s version is 2.6.3 (how can I perform the update?)

About the application, I am using an application that I found in GooglePlay, so I am not sure about the funcionality.

However, I didn’t try to put the BX module in data mode, I am using SRSPPSND to send data, and SRSPP_DATA to receive data.

I will try to change to datamode and I will kept you informed.

Thanks in advance.

Hello again Donald.

Now the SPP connection is in data mode.

It’s working!

Thank you very much!