Building WP76XX/WP85 with yocto-ref-3.1 [Github]

have patches so will give overview and publish if requested [with code submission application]

Kernel 3.4.79 breaks GPIO [wp85] arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-msm9615.dtsi
CONFIG_GPIO_SWIMCU is not handled by dtc not sure if this can be handled or a -wp85 file added as with fx30
GPIO 25 is missing and i have added it in

Use linux headers from 3.4.79 with patches that apply clean this is more me been pedantic

Add PACKAGE_ARCH = “${MACHINE_ARCH}” to all packages for wp85/76 in meta-swi and meta-swi-extras [not -bin] to allow sharing of tmp folder

add PACKAGE_ARCH = “${MACHINE_ARCH}” to classes/proprietary-(swi|qcom}.bbclass see above comment out DEPENDS_append selection of libion [have not fixed it at all just commented it out]

packagegroup-swi-toolchain-target needs python [2] as a RDEPEND as kernel-dev requires it python2 is not in dunfell

linux-quic requires python-native and PATH_append “:${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/usr/bin/python-native”

in do not set LK_ARGS unless mdm9x28 mdm9x40

i have added the following to

                                --recipe-args="DL_DIR=\$${TOPDIR}/../../../downloads/" \
                                --recipe-args="TMPDIR=$(PWD)/tmp/swi-wp" \
                                --recipe-args="DEFAULT_TIMEZONE=Africa/Johannesburg" \

These options would be suited to be passed in perhaps ??

i have also changed the build dir to allow building both in same folder

and because i am a masochist i added to build i686

 toolchain_bin: prepare
        $(COMMON_BIN) --build-toolchain
+       SDKMACHINE=i686 $(COMMON_BIN) --build-toolchain