according to release components 16.1 for mangohyellow board(wp7608) ,where i can find the defconfig file in kernel source for wp76xx and device tree name and location in source code

how about this one for the defconfig file?


  1. sir ,inside config folder we have mdm9607* named 4 to 5 files but may i know why this “mdm9607_defconfig” file only

  2. for kernel compilation is this command is wright “make wp76xx”

  1. I used to add driver to it, I was modifying this file mdm9607_defconfig
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  2. yes, I just did “make” to recompile kernel and make the yocto image

1.sir i was trying to do kernel compilation for release16.3 . but i am getting error

you can just type “make” in the yocto folder, but not in the kernel folder
BTW, there is no need to add wp76xx in make command.

because i want to add accelometer and gyroscope driver to read sensor data , so i was trying to compile that,
may i know what procedure i should follow to add tht driver

then you should compile this instead of the whole yocto source:

link is not valid sir

i amend it, try again

sir i was trying to do it in docker which contains ubuntu 18.04 version but know i am getting this phytec@66016418a843:~/yocto2/yocto$ make
Makefile:8: *** “Detected Makefile being re-invoked from within bitbake environment!”. Stop.

why do you still compile the yocto source?
(seems you need to open a new terminal to type make)

sir, through yocto i have built “yocto_wp76xx.4k.cwe” this image can i know how to update(boot) this to board

i am using linux

you can use fdt tool:

i am using linux,
should i use swice tool

how about this?

Another method is to transfer your spk file to /tmp folder of module by scp command ,and then use “fwupdate download xxx.spk” on module console to update firmware.

sir , in below link release 16.3 there is more modem firmware how to now which firmware we need to use(like there is generic and sierrawireless for wp7608), my device is wp7608 mangoh yellow,-d-,3-components/#sthash.wG6z6AYI.dpbs

it depends on your network carrier, normally you can just use the generic one

network carrier means related to internet connection or what?
because i am using my own sim to connect to internet so

what network operator are you using?