Broken software download web site

I have been trying to download software from the web site, but I cannot get pas the “Pick your product interest” prompt.


On pressing submit it gives the following server error.

What software do you want to download?

For the search button returning server error in , currently we are fixing this bug in the website.

The search button is OK now:

I still see the same error when trying to access any page on Note that I just created the account earlier this week and regardless of the Product Interest I submit, I cannot get past this idiotic prompt.

The error I’m seeing in the Chrome debugger after pressing Submit is the following:


how to go to that page?

I don’t see problem to click the following in

I get this output whenever I visit

This immediately redirects me to

I assume that this is because I’ve signed into an account which hasn’t yet set the Product Interest.

maybe you can log out the account first

see if this helps:

That doesn’t help much since I must be logged in to download any SDKs or firmware. Logging in gives me the same prompt.

No idea, i don’t see problem
I can search and download sdk

No problem.

I had another engineer download the necessary files for me.

I thought you might want to know that users with new accounts which had not yet answered this “Product Interest” request cannot access your website.