Boost mode and SL808X

According to the datasheet of SL-series, SL808X has two different core frequencies: 184MHz and 92MHz.
According to the comparison list of ADL functions of OpenAT there are no VariSpeed functions supported in SL-series modules, especially adl_vsSetClockMode();
So, for what are the two different core frequencies good for? And how and why does SL808X-series switch between them? With which of these two frequencies works SL808X in normal operation? If it is the lower one, how can an OpenAT-application switch to the higher one to improve performance? Or if it is the higher one, how can the application switch to the lower to save energy?

which document you have referred? can you share the link?


Good morning Alex,
as there is no more open support for SL-series, i cannot provide a link to the mentioned datasheet. We downloaded it 2015 at June, 15. It is a 2-sheet PDF-paper with titel “Sierra Wireless AirPrime® Embedded Wireless Modules SL Series”. I don’t know how to upload a file here in the forum, but i could send You the file to Your private mail.

I have gone through the document and it seems two processors are available for SL808x (ARM926EJS / QDSP4) and correspondingly two core frequencies (184 MHz / 92 MHz)…

I have not much idea about this… will check internally and will let you know :slight_smile: