Blocking the GPIO


I have one gpio input set as high.

E.g. i am setting block ( as test ) when i get first ring.
After this first ring, there should not be possible to call once again.

The block is activated and it’s acting as it should, but i still can make the second call or trigger some event on this gpio.

Is there a way to block access to this gpio, on the way that no event can be triggered in the time when this block is activ ?



But I thought you said that the purpose of this “block” was to prevent the second call?? :confused:
So how can you say that it’s “acting as it should” if it does not prevent the second call?! :confused: :confused:

I think you need to explain more clearly what you mean by this “block”.

Ensure that there is one - and only one - point at which the GPIO can be accessed, and maintain a flag to indicate whether access is allowed…