Block WAN Configuration

Is there a way to block WAN configuration access for an ES450? I only want to be able to configure the device from the LAN or USB ports, never over the cell network.


I know that you can’t block IP WAN access on the GX400 - it needs IP network access or the unit reboots regularly. Caused me no end of grief.

I believe that the ES series is similar to the GX series so I suspect that you’ll run into the same problem.

ciao, Dave

I hope this is not the case. I do not understand why a PCI compliant device would not allow attack vectors to be closed. All this device will do now is make security audits more difficult. Forcing me to expose an unknown http server to the world is not acceptable. Sure Sierra put a lock on the door they left visible, but I should be able to remove that door completely. I usually use Digi products that block wan config by default on the models I have been using. I have also had the same capability to block WAN configuration on Cradlepoint devices. Digi pissed me off so I tried Sierra on this project, but if I cannot get the security to an acceptable level I will be forced to find another device.