BC127 printing BLE Characteristics with second device connected


I got our code running with one BLE device connected. So next usecase is two devices. (BC127 as a central, connecting peripheral devices)
We already experienced with a Bluetooth Analyser that the BC127 gets the BLE Characteristics in background directly after establishing a connection, not saving it (?) and not printing it via UART to the user.
But when i connect a second device (BLE), the BLE_CHAR messages dropping in ~5s seconds after OPEN_OK received . I tested a third connection and no additional prints happen.
I tested with Melody 7.3 and 7.2, both behave equal.

Is this a common and wanted behavioral? In general fine for me, would even be better if it gets printed each time, not only for the second device. This would save time, because:

  • reading/writing on a GATT handle by the user is blocked by the background query of BC127
  • if i want to know the BLE_CHAR’s, I wouldn’t need to get them one more time

I also experienced that it didn’t print the BLE_CHAR’s if devices doing their first pairing. Only when the devices (or second device) are in the PDL and we have a simple OPEN I received the BLE_CHAR’s with the second device.


Any suggestions? It’s been a while since the initial post