BC127 BLE Writing to Characteristic

I have been working with two of your BC127 development boards in hopes of adding BLE support to a current project when I ran into an issue duplicating some of the expected behaviour.

In the provided Melody Audio User Guide, on page 72, the following command sequence was issued:
BLE_WRITE 14 0028 5
{48}{45}{4C}{4C}{4F} // values sent in hex format, 5 bytes

Yet when I attempt to execute the above command, the output on the peripheral device is as follows:
RECV 14 5 {48}{

I have been able to get all of the values across the BLE link by using
BLE_WRITE 0028 14
which will yield
RECV 20 {48}{45}{4C}{4C}{4F}
(Minor note: the 14 in the BLE_WRITE is read as a hex value while the 20 in the RECV is decimal.)

In either case, I have not been able to successfully write to any BLE characteristics, and I was hoping to get some clarification as to how I would be able to write to characteristics.

-The Melody version that I am using is
Melody Audio V7.1 RC1 SCOTT
Build: 1525368088



Can you give all of theset up information as well so that it can seen how you are setting up characteristic 28, also, why not just use send ?




Thank you for your reply. I was actually just able to solve my problem - turns out it is just a formatting issue.

When sending the byte data, the {<value>} format sends as an string and not as raw byte data. In order to send the byte with value 0x48, you must send the character ‘H’.

Thanks again for your time,