BC127 BLe GATT service spec

I do need a full BLE GATT service specification with the including characteristics/notifications/indications described.
I would like to clearly see how writing and reading data should be established.
From your documentation I can just estimate a write procedure (bluecreation.com/MelodyAudi … a.html#ble).
But how to read or do I need to enable notifications? Are there any locking procedures?

As IDE we are using Xamarin Forms. Up to now I do not know any libraries from BlueCreation. Are there any?
Up to now I’ve established a connection and I am able to write and read data from smartphone to the BC127 module.
But sometimes writing crashes with some “Gatt write characteristic FAILED.” ({Plugin.BLE.Abstractions.Exceptions.CharacteristicReadException: Gatt write characteristic FAILED.) error.
That’s the reason I am looking for proper documentation to see any implementation faults for writing and reading data.

Thanks for you support.


The example you have pointed to is for the BC127, which unit are you using the 127 or the 118? I have attached a couple of examples of a BLE link. You can also implement bonding on BLE using the BC118 (this is not supported in the BC127).

There are no software libraries that we supply as the commands/responses and unsolicited responses are all documented, it is upto the software developer to parse and handle these as they see fit.


BC118 BLE basic connection and data exchange.txt (433 Bytes)
BC127 (central) connecting to BC118 (peripheral).zip (1.03 KB)

Thanks for the examples.

Customer is using BC127 with a smart phone and is asking how they can interact with the services provided.

I can see some proprietary Services (like bc2f4cc6-aaef-4351-9034-d66268e328f0) and Characteristics (like 06d1e5e7-79ad-4a71-8faa-373789f7d93c) with Write and Notify properties.
Also the Service 67d13b00-89b8-11e3-9de5-0002a5d5c51b and the characteristic 8927778a0-89b8-11e3-8821-0002a5d5c51b with write property is available.

Do you have a Melody profile description document - I have one for Melody Smart, that describes the services, charactersitics, UUID’s etc.



Not sure what you mean by interact with the services? If you connect to a smart phone then things like HFP, A2DP, AVRCP will all automatically be linked to the relvant applications i.e. if a call comes in and answered then the audio will automatically be routed.

If its the BLE data link then you either need to use the Melody smart application from the app/google play store or write your own (the source code for Melody smart is available on the source).



I’m asking about the BLE services.
So you don’t have any docs describing the BLE implementation and we should take the iOS/Android source and port that to our own app?