BC127 MFi Firmware


My company recently registered for the apple MFi developer program and purchased 20 sample BC127 MFi units + Coprocessors.
I have been trying to get the latest firmware for this version of the product and was directed to create a forum post to receive a support contact.

Thanks, Calvin


Not sure who told you generate posting to get a support contact, you normally get support through your commercial chnnel i.e. distributor.

The process for getting access to the MFi builds you must have (a) Purchased the Development Kit (The blue board, not the discovery kit) and (b) Are Apple MFI Licensees which you say you are.

  • You have to purchase the board through the Avnet MFI portal. This Dev Kit has the MFI coprocessor on it. They also sometimes need to send us the picture and order number.
  • We do then need to manually check that you are an MFI licensee: Typically, they send us their company name and their Apple MFI number.
  • We will then release the firmware to you directly.

The above is required of us by Apple.

Can you tell me where you are with the above and who you commercial channel is?