BC127 Melody7 VREG_ROLE command



Just updated my BC127 to Melody V7.1 HD
All working great! :smile:

Trying to use the command VREG_ROLE=1, that is mentioned in the Melody Audio 7 user guide (page 107).
The BC127 replies with ERROR 0x0012 (Command not found).

This command doesn’t appear in the list displayed by HELP too :confused:

What is wrong?
Does the command VREG_ROLE=1 work at all?



Hello Dave,

I apologize if you have already tried this, but when you say “using the command VREG_ROLE=1”, the command is actually:


Did you mean to say this?
GET will also tell you what value the specific configuration is. (GET VREG_ROLE will respond with “VREG_ROLE=1”)
And if you want to save your configuration when you turn off/on the module, you’ll need to type:


after you send your set command.

I hope this helps,


Thank you so much!
It works now, I didn’t realize I need the SET and GET… :slight_smile: