Bc127 commands not working properly?

while in incoming call and outgoing call the following commands not working properly.Help me with that if there is any other BT commands for these ACTIONS

1.HOLD =BT command takes time to execute and when we send the Command at fast two times(i.e press and release) second time not Working properly

1.CALL 13 OUTGOING 2=is this the BT command to put into hold ? If these means it is not working properly.please say if there is any other command.

2.END=sometimes first time not works and second time it works.
BT COMMAND “CALL 13 END” to terminate the call

  1. PB_PULL 16 1 2 PB_PULL 16 1 3 PB_PULL 16 1 4=commands to fetch the incoming call,outgoing call,missed calls
    PROBLEM=It is always not giving the correct data,it is giving in mixed order

4.sometimes BT COMMANDS works dependant on the phone and I tested with four phones.