BC118 Audio Supports


I'd like to know whether BC118 really supports audio like a A2DP. I'm a little bit confusing by following reason.

-BLE does not support audio yet.(At least, former than BT5.0 with 2Mbps BLE PHY can not support it).
-BC118 supports only BLE with BT4.1 so I think this module can not support audio
-According to PTS, BC118 has “Supports GATT Profile, Audio, Proximity, and iBeacon”.
-BC118 Discovery Board has audio jack.

BTW, in my understanding, Sierra wireless make original audio profile in melody smart app and it can achieve it.
If so, this audio can not be used with smartphone common application.

Thank you.



BC118 is a BLE module, A2DP, HFP, etc are all Bluetooth classic profiles, there is a general aim in the BT community for BLE to support audio but it is not really reality yet.

Short answer is no, BC118 does not support voice.



Thanks Matt,
I really appreciate.