Battery Charging Problems


Have anyone got the battery charging working? When I plug in the power adapter, the battery LED is green, but when I start the battery monitoring, AT+WBCM=1,1 the response is allways ERROR the batlevel status in the un solicitated responses does not change, even when it has been plugged in for hour.

An other thing is that I’m not able to get the battery charge and battery charge mangament started. If I turn off battery charge with AT+WBCM=0 the answer is OK, I try to start the battery charging with AT+WBCM=1 the result is allways ERROR. If I try to start the battery charge management before (by AT+WBCM=6,1) the result of AT+WBCM=1 is still ERROR.

The other values are default values, which seems correct.

Have you tried AT+CMEE=1 to get more detailed error codes?