Bad Flash Sierra MC7354B

Hi Guys,

First time posting here so if this is in the wrong place etc I apologize! I have a kind of strange situation

Basically long story short I accidentally flashed generic GOBI 2000 firmware onto a MC7354B… Yes extremely bad I know. I can elaborate if needed.

My question is: What can I do about it? Any tricks to getting it back and flashing the correct firmware? Windows won’t read it (bad device) and I’m about to see if I can re-flash it in Linux perhaps. Any help would extremely appreciated!!



For added information, the flash happened using an old Digi Transport WR44 when I upgraded the old GOBi card to an MC7354B & I went through the carrier switching wizard (wasn’t thinking). That’s when the bad flash happened. It was really stupid on my part because I should have thought about the fact it would swap out the firmware. No I’m just trying to find a way to get it back if possible!