Backtrace offline decoding using Developer studio


I have set up my units in the field to report any exceptions to a server by posting the backtrace data over http whenever an exception occurs. I concatenate all the backtraces received from the same unit on the same day, to make decoding them quicker.

I have two questions:

  1. Sometimes when decoding the backtraces in Developer Studio, I can’t see the actual decoded backtrace because Developer Studio says that the unit is still in Development Mode and the backtraces don’t show. Why does this happen and how can I prevent it?

  2. Due to the volume of backtraces received, I don’t want to have to manually decode every unit each day, but would like to set up a server to do the decoding on the fly when the backtrace comes in. Is there any way to do a backtrace decode without using Developer Studio? Has anyone tried this? If not, is the source code for the backtrace decoding available so I can try and implement my own solution? (obviously I would provide the relevant .axf file, and I am aware that only Sierra can decode firmware related backtraces).


I would like to be backtrace decoding more siple. I have a lot of backtraces and I must settup virtual port for every backtrace!!! It’s very stupid.