Availability of current EM7455 "Generic" firmware - missing security fixes

According to the release notes, the FW contains at least one security fix (CVE omitted here), but is only available for the 7430.

Why are there no updates for the EM7455?


Generic response is that we will release as and when certifications are ready and we have all of the fixes and changes implemented as requested for the given product (as the MC7455 and MC7430’s serve different markets/customers) since it has a significant cost and resource impact.

Obviously if a critical security issue comes to light then we will release as soon as we can (having gone through all of the certifications and validation/regression testing). I have looked at the changes that you are referring to in the release notes for 2.26.01 and they are not critical just good practice to implement a fix, one of them even has the comment ‘not sure how this would impact a bit pipe modem’.