Automatic run of application when CPU is powered on


Hi guys!

I intend to build an autonomous device which is based on Q2686 cpu. After making my code and downloading it to the Q2686 chip, I would like the CPU to execute this application as soon as it is powered on (for example: after switching on the device, I would like it to continuously watch if a button is pushed and do something then).

For this application I am quite certain that I must base on telemetry sample (right?) but my wondering is the following: for achieving this, should I also use MultiApp library with its “start” and “stop application” commands? But this solution also demands to use AT commands which I think I don’t need for this kind of application.

Can anyone suggest me what to do? Because I am a little bit confused about which way should I use!

Thanks a priori!


It may well work for you but it is by no means essential!

I certainly woudn’t - it just seems like an unnecessary complication to me!

It’s not a “solution” - it’s just an illustration.

So don’t do it!

Rather than start from an arbitrary example, and try to bend it to your requirements, it’s probably better to start directly from your requirements…


Thanks awneil for your quick response and consult!

So you think that if I make my code without using MultiApp and download it to Q2686 and type for the first time that I do this “AT+WOPEN=1”, then my application will always start automatically when the device is powered on?
But the problem is that I want to combine 2 functions in one application (eg watching when a button is pushed and do something and sending data continuously). Doeasn’t this require a multi thread environment which will use MultiApp library?


Yes, that is precisely what it is designed to do!

Not at all - unless you require very intensive processing, and critical real-time timing…

MultiApp isn’t multi-threaded anyhow!