Automatic program start

Hello everybody,

I do not find the way by which my application can start at module power-on? Nobody knows if there is a simple AT command or a particular function inside OpenAT?

Thanks in advance.

Hi GianniP,
An Open-AT application which is executing in target mode (AT+WOPEN=1) will automatically start even after the module resets (power on). There is no command/API needed for it.
Only in debug mode of execution, you will need to start the application again after the module resets.

Hence, you can download the application in your module (using at+wdwl command) and then execute it (using at+wopen=1 command). Now, the application will always start even after the module reset.
You don’t need to given any at command to start the application again.
To stop the application, you have to give at+wopen=0 command. If this command is given, and the module is rebooted, the application will not start.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.