Auto detect adding and removing ethernet device - LS300

I’ve got a ethernet device plugged into an LS300, how can I detect when it’s unplugged and replugged in? I’m accessing it using lua and scoket.tcp() via the DMZ IP I don’t want to hard code the IP address is there a way to lookup the DMZ IP in use address? I could not find it in the device tree.


There is no MSCI ID representing the status of the Ethernet cable but you can acces the DMZ in use on the following path:

dv = require "devicetree "
dmzinuse = dv.get("aleos.10202")

Basically from an AAF application you can read all MSCI Ids on the generic path aleos..
To retrieve an MSCI ID from ACEmanager UI by looking at the source page. In your case, with chrome browser I retrieved:

<td id="10202" class="i" title=""></td>

id=“10202” is the MSCI ID we are looking for.

Awesome thanks for the great information.