audio interfaceing

hi all
I am planning to use SPEAKER interface of wavecom gsm module with microcontroller ADC pin to record incomming call voice and MIC interface of wavecom gsm module with microcontroller DAC(digital to analog converter) pin to make a call and playback voice massages stored in microcontroller. Kindlay suggest the

1. Interfacing circuit between SPEAKER output of gsm module and adc pin of micro.
2. Interfacing circuit between MIC input of gsm module and DAC pin of micro.

thanks in advance

Hi there,

could you solve the problem? I wanna link PCM lines to SSI port of an external ARM processor (LM3S1968), but I have a very special problem with PCM_SYNC which isn’t suitable for TI synchronous transfers (anyway I solved the problem with a CPLD) and the location of data transfer, which is on Slot 1 or 6, not on slot 0!

I wonder if you had the same problem or any idea how to solve it.

thanks in advance