ATZ Command no response

Hi all,

i was working with Fastrack Supreme 20 with VB 2005. we also use 1306B before. problem is when i issue ATZ command with VB 2005, it doesn’t get any response. only “ATZ” string (does it mean its OK too? xD). but with 1306B i can get an “OK” response. any idea how to fix this? xD

Here’s my port setting:
PortName = COM6
BaudRate = 115200
Parity = none
DataBits = 8
StopBits = 1
ReceivedBytesThreshold = 1
Handshake = XonXoff

Sorry im a bit new to this. =s

Handshake = XonXoff should be hardware.

that will be RequestToSend based on the MSDN docs. it works actually. :smiley: thanks!

fyi: … shake.aspx