Ate there any risks running an LTE or 5G module without an antenna?

Most of the modules require many MIMO antenna. E.g. EM9191 can have up to 4 antennas.
Is there any risk in running those modules with less antennas connected? (e.g. only Main and Aux antennas).
I was thinking that especially reflected waves can cause amplifier damages, if an antenna is not connected. Maybe the module is auto detecting antenna connections in normal operation mode and not enabling full TX power if an antenna is not connected. I guess it would be my responsibility not to enable full TX power during a test mode on a channel that needs a specific antenna port that is has no antenna connected.

i think the performance will be lowered.
Here is the RF information for each antenna:


Thanks for the reply.
I am aware of this info from the datasheet.
My main question is →
Should I be worried about a permanent damage due to reflecting waves if an antenna pops out during normal operation or testing?
E.g. an amplifier damage that may still look like working but detailed EMC test like spurious emission tests would fail.

Tx (except n41) only goes to main antenna

You mean detaching main antenna will lead to amplifier damage?

Yes, that’s right. E.g. main antenna detaching during operation by mistake (or forgetting to attach the main antenna).

I have never heard such thing before…

Thanks a lot for looking into it.
I had the issue with a WiFi module from another company and I was trying to be on the safe side. Such an information is usually not in datasheets. So, I was checking if you had any experience.