AT+WVR, voice rate info display and set

Firmware version: R7.46
R7.46.0.201108091301.Q2686G 2216044 080911 13:01

Hi there,

I am engaged with a telecommunication system’s project on which showing current bearer voice info of GSM network is required, I mean something like AMR, EFR, FR, …

I googled on current Sierra Wireless modules (AT command list, actually) but didn’t get anything that looked promising:

There is just AT+WVR? to show our requested voice rate list, not showing the exact current one, for example:


AT+WVR = 7, 7

That is not my issue! I want to know what current voice rate is, for example: EFR or AMR-FR, not a list of them which were set before.

However, I’ve found a similar topic in TELIT modules, as AT#CODECINFO, which shows me the used codec as well as set codec by an unsolicited report only if the codec changes.

I wonder if it is possible to show vocoder info on Q2686H module’s family (maybe with a different version of firmware, or a special ordered version).

In addition, I am not sure about the exact different functionalities between Preferred type and Other supported types[1].

For instance, if our GSM network supports both of AMR-FR and AMR-HR, does the AT+WVR = 12, 12 mean Bearer Voice Rate is AMR-FR (preferred type) and not AMR-HR (other supported type) in any circumstances?

If not, I wonder if it would be possible to set Bearer Voice Rate on just one of them, e.g. AMR-FR without any other supported types, like EFR or AMR-HR.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Parissa Kalaee

[1] Table 21.12.3. Parameters and Defined Values of Sierra Wireless Voice Rate +WVR, AT Command Interface Guide for firmware 7.46 p. 59


According to the latest AT command guide, There is only one command AT+WVR to configure voice rate for bearer voice for outgoing and incoming calls.

For example :

which is voice type FR and EFR for outgoing calls and HR and EFR for incoming calls.

AT+WVR =12,12
means that for both incoming and outgoing calls, the preferred coding type is AMR-FR and other supported type is AMR-HR.