AT+WOPEN=1 app disables AT+WDDM=1 DTMF decoding


I compiled and flashed the PCM_RECORD_PLAY application. Application works.
But the problem is:

When WOPEN is running the modem stops decoding incoming DTMF keys which we configured as AT+WDDM=1 and decode/incoming as:

+WDDI: “5”,230

for example.

  1. How can we run the app and still have the default WDDM DTMF working?
  2. Noticed also that the PCM_RECORD_PLAY sample is not permanent storage, I assume one needs to rewrite to store it in flash.


I think that is the documented behaviour:

What do you mean by that?

Downloading to the unit always stores the application in flash.


I meant the recoding.

Obviously not the app.

Is there a fast way to run an app, stop it without all those rewind etc to get default behavior back?

Br, Tim