DTMF Decode

i am tring to test the sample application of the dtmf decode, on RTE mode when i use the AT+LISTEN comand i recieve an error.
on TMT i recieve “Low IRQ handler subscription : Failed ;return -8”
So i assume the IRQ service is not enabled .
any reason for this ?

dId anyone tried this sample code? Is it working at all ?

you should check if your modem has this feature enabled.
i haven’t used this sample-code myself, but from your error description i conclude that this code relies on the ‘real time operating system’ feature being available,
while maybe in your modem it isn’t. you an check by using AT+WCFM=5 (check the result codes against the mask given in the at-documentation)

(quote from adl-user-guide -> 3.25 IRQ Service )
The Real Time Enhancement feature has to be enabled on the Wireless CPU® in order to make this service available.
The Real Time Enhancement feature state can be read thanks to the AT+WCFM=5 command response value: this feature state is represented by the bit 4 (00000010 in hexadecimal format)
Please contact your Wavecom distributor for more information on how to enable this feature on the Wireless CPU®.