Is it possible to capture DTMF tones by Open AT? I know sending DTMF tones is possible through open AT, how about receiving?



As far as I know, there’s no way :frowning: to receive DTMF tones and decode them via the OpenAT API or via the AT-command interface.

On solution could be to add an external circuit that could interpret the DTMF tones and report them to the OpenAT application.



Hello, developers of the world.

I just read that post, which is quite old now, and I was wondering if there was still no way to receive DTMF. I have the same need than other users from here (I mean I want to be able, after initiating an outgoing call, to detect if the called guy presses a key on his phone, and then gives him proper answer). I found the AT commands to play or send DTMF, but there’s nothing about receiving.

In another post, I read that someone made DTMF detection using the +WIND commands. When I call my own mobile with my Wavecom (GF-4) modem, then press keys on the mobile, I don’t receive any +WIND message, so I don’t understand how that can work.

Anyone knows a solution other than using an external module ?



I think this is supposed to be possible with the new “aqLink® in band modem”

wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … gin=aqlink


There are some changes. Check out the ADL audio API. (available from OAT 4.20 ). There is even a sample code for DTMF recording.

What kind of Wavecom modem is that?


Hi… Thanks for your answers, I’ll have a look at the ADL Audio API (if there’s really an example, that’s just wonderful). :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and my modem has a sticker that tells it’s a MTSMS-G-F4 modem (but I think it’s the name of the provider’s modem – Multitech – and not the actual name of the Wavecom chip). Sorry ! :blush:


Please note that the DTMF decoding is available ( through ADL API api or AT commands ) from OAT 4.20, OS 6.63. Which means you need Q26xx module or WMP100. If your modem does not include one of those, consider Fastrack Supreme which is based on the Q26 family. You can find the documentation in the download section.

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