AT Test Commands for WP7608


Hello, using the commands outlined in section 12.5 of WP76xx Product Technical Specification, I was able get my WP7608 to transmit at the expected frequency and bandwidth. However, I was unable to demodulate the signal to measure EVM. Should it be possible to demodulate the signal? I assume this should be possible, since I can set parameters such as the modulation type…
I am wondering whether there is some default configuration that should be used that the signal analyser should be able to automatically demodulate, much in the same way that the I can demodulate eTM signals on the basestation side.

On the RX side, in section 12.7 of the Product Technical Specification the command AT!DALGAVGAGC=,0 is described. This command is not mentioned in the AT Command Reference. Can you tell me what this does exactly? Does the second parameter specify between the Main and Diversity paths? Additionally, is it possible to measure or the RSSI for LTE in the same way as is possible for GSM?