AT!SCACT=1,0 returns ERROR

Hi I am using the EM7455 module.

I can issue the AT!SCACT=1,1 to start the connection, but if I then do a AT!SCACT=1,0 to try to stop the connection, it returns an ERROR response. Anyone knows why? Thanks

You have it backwards. It’s

phew I was dumb… thanks… :slight_smile:

When data connection is not active, if I do AT!SCACT?, I see:
!SCACT: 1,0

Is it also displaying it as ,? If so, I do not have any pid that is 0.

The query AT!SCACT?[<pid>]is documented to return
!SCACT: <pid>,<state>

Yes, this is more than a bit confusing :slight_smile:

But it is all documented in the AirPrime EM75xx AT Command Reference