AT Response handler not catching the +CUSD response

Hi all, Im having trouble getting CUSD responses, getting normal AT responses has worked fine with my solution, but it seems CUSD: just doesnt want to come back to my response handler.

My application receives CUSD commands over the air, and is suppossed to send the CUSD responses back over TCP link.

This is the output from my modem’s wip_debug() and console

at cmd = [AT+CUSD=1,"*140*27821234567#"]
+CUSD: 2,"Delivered to +27821234567",15

So the CUSD operation performed successfully and delivered my free “Please Call Me” sms.

But the CUSD response did not go back to the AT command handler in my code.

wip_debug("at cmd = [%s]\n", atCmdBuffer);


This is just weird because other AT command responses come back via the response handler.

Maybe this has something to do with the delay there is on the CUSD request?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Johan Simpson

I found the solution here:

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: