AT+KCERTSTORE on HL8518 Modem fails


I’m currently trying to store a certificate ( .crt) on my HL8518 modem. I 'm working with Minicom on Ubuntu. My filesize is 1462 bytes.

I type :
At this point, I decide to send my file (ctrl+a then s with minicom). The first problem is that I don’t know what protocol to choose between x/y/zmodem, kermit and ascii:

  • x/y/zmodem does not work at all (wait for a NACK from the modem which never arrive)
  • kermit does not seem to work (no message)
  • ascii send me this message
    The last message means “READY: press a key to continue…”
    However when I press a key I’ve got an “ERROR” message. And my certificate is not stored.

Does anyone knows what is happening here ?

Thanks !


Hi jalleth,
Please select “Send files”->ascii.