AT+CSQ and signal Quality

Dear sirs.

I have a question about the signal Quality and GL7600. We have another modem from another brand and when I send AT+CSQ i receive +CSQ: 19,99.

So i have GL7600. I send exactly the same AT command (AT+CSQ). The modem are 20 cm from the other modem.
Now i receive

CSQ: 7,4.

Why are this data only 7.

It is the same band (4G) and the antenna is the same.

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what happens if you swap the sim between two devices?

No difference if I switch the Simcard.

are you using the latest FW for GL7600?
Do you have two GL7600 and see if they have same behaviour?


If I send at+CGMR and receive follow

you can try the latest:

Hi jyijyi

Thank you for the answer.

I have upgrade the firmware for GL7600. I have upgrade the firmware to 2.27

+CSQ: 4,3


but the result are the same. My other module give 19,99 with same simcard. (other modem firm).

I look forward to hear from you.

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I saw that the module HL7692 inside has RF diversity antenna, not sure if it needs to be connected…

I have not connected the Diversity antenna but it works with all other things.


then see if there is improvement if you connect to two antennas

the result are now (with two antenna).
+CSQ: 6,3

how many devices have you tested?
is this happening to all GL7600?

I have two items and it do the same.

Is this affecting the performance of the modem?
What is the actual problem here?