AT+CFUN parameter settings can't be saved to the module?


We test the EM7421 module AT+CFUN command in yocto.
We found that the EM7421(FW: 01.14.22) AT+CFUN parameters could not be stored in the module, the settings were cleared when we reset the module.
But we tried the EM7565(FW: 01.14.02) module and didn’t have this problem, we reset the parameter to 0 or 1 and the parameter will revert back to 1.
Is this issue affected by the operating system or firmware version?

You can compare the cfunpersist parameter in at!custom?

The EM7565 and EM7421 test modules are set in the same parameters as shown in the figure below.
The cfunpersist parameter is disable in AT!CUSTOM

Are they using same firmware and carrier PRI?