AT+CCED: Unsolicited CSQ Documentation Unclear - Poss Wrong?


Using Firmware R7.46

From the AT Commands Manual:

So the results for RSSI are presented in entirely separate responses (+CSQ) from all the other responses (+CCED).

What is not explained is how they should interact.

It appears that they work independently; ie,

  • requesting dump 8 (RSSI) does not affect any other dumps already requested;
  • requesting any dump other than 8 does not affect an RSSI dump already requested.

Is that the intended operation :question:

Which all seems fair enough - in isolation.

The problem comes when they are used together:

This looks wrong - it doesn’t seem possible to stop the automatic RSSI :exclamation:


Issuing AT+CCED=0,8 (request single-shot) does seem to stop it - but, again, it is not documented that a single-shot request cancels an automatic request currently in progress…