$armee error

I’m trying to use the $ARMEE command to troubleshoot some UMTS connectivity problems.

The problem is when I do “AT$ARMEE=1” or any ARMEE command I get ERROR.

How do I enable unsolicited network result codes?


(reference: “AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.50.A2 for AirPrime SL808xT and Q2698” page 54)



will turn on the Mobile Equipment error codes - which can be decoded from the table at the back of the AT commands guide.

If your device supports it, it would also be worthwhile looking at the


proprietary command to turn on (or off) unsolicited network indications. Again, have a look at the AT commands guide for more info.

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve enabled AT+CMEE=1 and will see if that capture anything.

What would be the right WIND code to capture unsolicited network indications? I don’t understand how setting bits works.


The sum of the individual bit values gives the number required to set that combination of bits.

Bit 0 has the value of 2 to the power of zero; ie, 1
Bit 1 has the value of 2 to the power of one; ie, 2
Bit 2 has the value of 2 to the power of two; ie, 4
Bit 14 has the value of 2 to the power of fourteen; ie, 16384

So, to set bits 0, 2, and 14, the value is 1 + 4 +16284 = 16289.

Thank you to both of you.