AR7554 -> which product family to choose?

I’m new to the SierraWireless products. In moment I’m trying to get an AR7554 connected via USB to my Windows 7 PC. Of course I can use the COM2 UART for terminal communication and also the RJ45 network is working for LAN connection, but if trying to use the USB connection I need to install a driver for my Windows 7 64 Bit.

I even downloaded the USBDriverInstallerV3860.exe and tried, but I get always an error in the device manager for the ECM CDC device. In case of starting the Software Installer, I’m asked to chosse the product family

  • AirPrime WMP Series
  • AirPrime Q26 Series 3GPP
  • AirPrime SL Series EDGE
  • AirPrime WS Series
  • AirLink FXT Series 3GPP
  • AirLink GL Series
    Which product family do I need to choose for AR7554?

It’s real a bit confusing.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Martin,

How about the driver here?

For more info:

Hope it helps.

Hi all,

unfortunately both links are down. Please update post.