API for ADC Implementation for Fastrack Supreme

Hi ,
I would like to develope the code for ADC to read analog i/p. But in ADL-User-Guide i did’t find any API’s for (API’s for Analog to Digital converter). i am using the Fastrack Supreme Plug and Play device, It contain ADC.

Please anybody give me suggestions to develope the ADC code for Fastrack Supreme using OpenAT 4.20.

You’re right - there’s a DAC Service, but no ADC service. :frowning:

So you’ll just have to use the AT+ADC command - see the AT Commands manual.


Yes i got, But i was confused how to implement these AT cammonds in OpenAT. My requirement is to read the Analog i/p (Current), Then give it to ADC, get the digital data, send this value by SMS,TCP/IP ,or FTP. Please give the prototype to develope the code for this.

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Your original post didn’t make that clear, did it?

See the ‘AT Commands Service’ for handling AT Commands and their responses in an ADL application.

The SDK includes samples to illustrate these things…