AirPrime SL808x Antenna Selection


I posted this in the Q Series and SL Series without success so I thought I would re-post it in the antenna forum.
I’m trying to specify an antenna for use with the SL808x series; I want to ensure that it meets the specification set out in the technical specifications.

I saw in the AirPrime_SL808x_Product_Technical_Specification_and_Customer_Design_Guidelines_Rev5.0 that, from table 31 “Main antenna specification”, the maximum gain for an antenna is 5DBi for low bands, when TX power is under 33dBm (2W) and 3DBi for high bands, when Tx power is under 30dBm (1W) . I’m also seeing table 30 “Band Support, Conducted Tx Power, and Conducted Rx Sensitivity” that the depending on the band and type of modulation the Conducted Tx power can be 33+2 for GMSK and 27+3 for 8PSK.

How do I know how much power I am going to be sending out of the device, e.g. when am I a Class 1, or Class 2 device. The way I see it now is that I would have to design for class one and only use a 3DBi antenna.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Mike,
Did you manage solve this problem, I had similar issue, need to reduce RF Tx power when big external antenna is used?