AirPrime BX310x - HTTP Web Server

Hi everyone.
I’m sorry for my bad english. I’m using google translate.
I use BX310x modules.

I am trying to use the built-in HTTP Web Server. I have enabled forward HTTP requests to host mode. I see requests from the client but cannot send a response from the server. I could not find the required AT command. Tell me how to send responses to requests.

if you enable the forward HTTP requests to host mode, it is no longer serving as http web server.
You can use +KTCP,+KUDP or +KHTTP command to send response to the requests.

I configure the access point and HTTP Server like this:
AT+SRWAPNETCFG=1,“”,“”,“”, 120

Now I want to receive data from the client and send data to the client via UART. Tell me what to do next?
For example, you need to send data from Postman to the server in JSON format: {“cmd”: 1, “per”: 2, “inf”: 3} and send data in JSON format from the server to this request: {“cmd”: 4 , “per”: 5, “inf”: 6}.

you need to set up AT+SRWSFWDHTTP command.
As said before, if you want to send data to the client, you need to use +KTCP,+KUDP or +KHTTP command.

did u find the solution