I’m trying to use HTTP and HTTP feature for my project and I’m not able to get success when I try to connect to HTTP server there is always the problem of TCP_UDP problem (error 906), any idea!!

Hi achref.daabek,

Which firmware version are you using? If you are not on the latest firmware, please download the latest one and retry. BX310x Firmware

I can successfully connect to the HTTP server. Please follow the steps in the log file.
log file.txt (1.7 KB)

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hi @Donald,
I am trying to use HTTP post to send data from bx3105 to node-red using HTTP request.

Hi achref.daabek

Please find the steps for the HTTP post in the log file.
HTTPPOST.txt (2.8 KB)

hi @Donald,
please find my log for the http post below
I don’t know how to set the sleep in the header but when I run httppost it send directly with a null argument.

Hi achref.daabek,

You don’t need to put sleep in the header. It’s waiting time (1000ms) before I send the string +++

Please share with me output AT command with steps in log file.
HTTPPOST.txt (2.4 KB)