AirLink RV50 - AT commands equivalent to WOSK, WDNS, WSTX

Hi everyone,

I’m working on AirLink RV50, I’m looking for the AT commands similar to WOSK, WDNS, WSTX in other types of modems to perform the same tasks: transmitting data to a TCP server, sending a DNS request to modem.
I went through the ALEOS Software Configuration Guide 4.13.0, but it not clear to me, I haven’t gotten the answers yet.

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RV50 supports web interface. You can configure setting through web easily.

  • To set dynamic DNS, you can go to ACE manager -> Services -> Dynamic DNS
  • For TCP connection, -> Serial
    • General: Startup mode default -> TCP
    • PAD : set Destination Address/port : TCP server address/port; default Dial mode : TCP
      –> with this configuration, a TCP connection will be established from modem to TCP server, you will send data through Serial port, and this data will send to TCP server.

Besides that RV50 supports ALEOS framwork that you can develop a lua application to send/receive data to TCP server ( using Luasocket)

For AT command:

  • DNS: use *DYNDNS to set/query dynamic DNS
  • TCP: use MD command to set TCP mode, *HOSTMODE to query mode, S53 to set TCP server/port

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Thanks a lot for your reply, jerdung!

Regarding the DNS request, I changed the DynDNS, but I want to query the IP address of domain name like “” and save it into the local memory for further processing. How can I do query the IP address by using the AT command?

Also, can you please tell me which AT command I can use to send data ( could be the simple string for testing) to TCP server which was connected already?

Thanks in advance!

I was able to run the following command, it returned the IP address.

I still want to know how can I use the AT command to send a simple string to the TCP server.

Thanks again!

I tried to run the following command, it looks like the string has been sent to the TCP server, will do the debugging on server side to verify that.


Thanks a lot for your time!