AES Encryption libraries

I’ve been trying to integrate the AES encryption api into my application. Through the security library documentation and encryption sample provided by Sierra, I have been successful in implementing CAST and a few other algorithms. However the documentation (and maybe even the include file ngaes.h ??) is entirely incorrect for the AES initialization function ngcAES_Init. :cry:

From my understanding, AES is the industry standard encryption algorithm and supersedes CAST, DES, RC2, etc.

This same issue was brought up almost a year ago:

To the Sierra staff: how’s the revamp of this library going? Aside from the documentation, can you confirm if the AES api works?

To fellow developers: has anyone successfully included the AES library, or maybe you’ve found an alternate source?

All the best

I found another solution to my AES needs.

There are plenty of reference implementations that you can use, and many of them are “use as you want” rather than limited by for example GPL.
Since it’s been a while now I can unfortunately not remember exactly where I found the one I’m using today.

Edit: found the one I based my solution on

It’s public domain, so no need to worry about license compliance.

Thanks Tobias.

I haven’t had any response from Sierra so I will run with your source