Need to encrypt 300KB file before Gprs/Ftp transfer


I am using a Fastrack Fxt009.
I need to encrypt 300KBytes of data before to send it using Ftp over Gprs.

I have tried the ngcCAST_ECB_Crypt functions but it seems that only 10 bytes are encrypt at a time.

Can you advise me about the use of ngcCAST_ECB_Crypt (with 300KB of data) or is there another way to encrypt the data?

Is the Aes128 possible with the FXT009?

Thanks for your responses.
H. Puech

i think encrypting 300KB of data will be long running operation. I have never used security library before but i have used des algorithm to encrypt data. As des algorithm is very slow one, i could encrypt only about 500 bytes at a time. the more bytes caused watchdog reset.

i think you need to find the simplest algorithm when dealing with large amount of data. aes128 may not be possible with 300KB of data. At least i guess you will have to seperate the data to partitions and send them one by one over gprs. And you can consider using open algorithms like RC4, it is simple to implement, secure and fast. You can have a look at the following link. it compares the encryption algorithms.

Thanks for your response.

RC4 seems not enough strong for my application (but could be a solution if nothing else possible !).

How can I use the encryption function included in the Sierra SSL librairy?