Security lib crypto documentation

The NEX_GenCRYPT_programming_guide.pdf that is included as documentation is quite… lacking…

Incomplete and blatantly incorrect library reference as an example.
Just look at page 62: ngcAES_Init

Parameter dir: “Pointer to a eight bytes buffer where to read plain text data to encrypt.” :open_mouth:

Parameter out: “Pointer to a eight bytes buffer where to write cipher text encrypted
data.” (parameter out is not even part of the function declaration!)

Parameter enc: “Mode of operation, NG_DES_DECRYPT or NG_DES_ENCRYPT.” (parameter enc not included in declaration and is for DES and not AES)

This makes me wonder if the crypto parts of the security lib is even there, or if it’s only for jamming detection and wipssl…

Hello tobias,

Crypto is a key element of the Open AT Framework.
It is fair to agree that current shape of the documentation isn’t perfect yet.

A revamp is ongoing, and new encryption algorithms will be available, AES will be one of them. Documentation re-shape will be addressed as well.


Good news.
When the new crypto document will be available ?

In the meanwhile, can you send a sample program that encrypt / decrypt a buffer with the AES 128 or 256.


Hi All,

Any update on security library crypto on NEX_GenCrypt document and sample code, especially on SHA1 and AES.

Thank you very much,