ADL User Guide 6.52, file system

Start working with file system. Documentation as usual :imp:

ADL User Guide fo 6.52 OS:

  • Paths in some examples specified in “/directory1/dir2/” form, but actuall output from adl_fsGetCwd() gives “” for root. So its actually not UNIX style paths, like Windows? Where is anyway info on path-filename-extension sintax and separators?
  • Drives numbering. Its described for some of the funcs, where parameter is drive number. Actually must be someware upper or in each case. Also what is the reason for pointless linkage numbers to letters in description (0-A, 1-B, 2-C)?
  • Some function descriptions just copied from other funcs, so its wrong at all or partially: adl_fsRename/adl_fsMove/adl_fsDelete.
  • What actually doing adl_fsAbortClose fuction when “aborts and closes a previously opened file”?
  • adl_fsGetPermission/adl_fsSetPermission. Permissions and its purpose not described.
  • Also not mentioned adl_fsLock/adl_fsUnlock with ‘secure’ types attribute and adl_fsInstall.
  • No info and examples on using application defined drives with ADL_FS_FLASH_S. Is it working at all?

By the way. One unit of Q2687RD now completely dead after some AT+WOPEN=9 reconfigurations.

adl_fsWrite() returns number of “items” writed, not bytes as described in user guide.

I dont know what this function actually do, but not deletes volume for sure.
And what should i do if function returns non zero (OK)?

adl_fsRename and adl_fsMove functions with identical descriptions. Copy/paste again and one of them is wrong…

Hi Victor,

thanks for providing feedback…
i’ll check the working of the functions mentioned. Also, will check with R&D to clarify the documentation in the next release most probably. Will keep you updated.
Surely, the ADL guides needs some rectification.

I’m using ADL user guide V7.52 and it seems some of these documentation issues have been taken care of

Still not very clear about some things…
It isn’t obvious what function actually creates a new file. I am expecting to see a function like adl_fsCreate which you would call and then use adl_fsWrite to fill it with data. Does adl_fsOpen create a new file if the one you specify to open doesn’t exist? I’m guessing it must, because no other functions return ADL_FS_FILE which is needed to read/write data to the file

adl_fsWrite - can someone please explain what an “item” is? Say I open file.txt and I want to write the array “mydata” to it, I know the size of the data is 6 bytes but how many “items” is it?