adl_ioRead and adl_ioWrite in Q2501b

Greetings, colleagues
I work with Q2501b. It was required to use GPIO, but has faced a problem. Has subscribed for service GPIO, has received positive value, that, probably, means a successful subscription, but a call of commands adl_ioRead and adl_ioWrite constantly leads to to negative result-2. Show, if it is possible, correct work with these commands. Write correct record of these commands

Hi Mlab,
Sorry for the delayed reply. The return value -2 as a result of adl_ioRead and adl_ioWrite indicates that there is some problem in the parameters passed to adl_ioRead and adl_ioWrite. For instance, please check the correctness of GPIOMask parameter and GPIOValue that you have to write. You probably are trying to write to some pin allocated as input or trying to read from a pin which is allocated as output.

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