I have not been able to find the relevence of this perameter. Now I don’t remember where I read it, but somewhere in all the documentation that comes with the Open AT SDK, I believe it states it dosen’t do any thing.

Anyone have any ideas???



Sounds fair enough.

Doesn’t say what format it expects, though… :unamused:


This can only be a public/static/fixed IP that the MS/ME could have if it was provided a one. This is not common practice. The MS/ME needs to get its IP from the network activation. After that, the IP maybe static (staying the same for the duration of the PDP activation) or dynamic (expires on regualr intervals and needs to be renewed during an activation) depending on the ISP.

So on the right network, after an PDP activation an IP would not be given or it would be ignored and the existing one would be used.