Network to ME GPRS attach

Does anyone know what needs to happen for a ME to get an “ADL_GPRS_EVENT_RING_GPRS” event?


I think that message comes when the network request the ME to gprs connect (PDP activation). It is similar concept to circuit switched mode.
The network needs some additional functions, and it is used with some
restricted access point (not with e.g, wap, internet APNs).



Hello guys,

I agree with [color=blue]tom

…and some related information are the GPRS AT-commands that controls “Network requested PDP context activation”. Take a look in chapter 19.12, 19.13 and 19.14 in “AT_Commands Interface guide for x50”

But I’ve never heard of any network operator that provides such a service. Maybe it just something in the GPRS standards that are mandatory for a ME to support but its not implemented in the networks (yet)…



We have customers wo has restricted access points, but it works like the
public. So i haven’t seen such a thing in real life neither.